How Can Transportation Services Help Us During Covid-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to multiple aspects of our daily lives. Singapore’s government has rolled out many restrictions to minimise in-person interaction and curb the spread of this highly contagious virus. Engaging a private transportation service is one way to avoid unnecessary exposure on public transport. 

There are many ways in which we can all play our part during these trying times. From 24 hour shuttle services for crew members to grocery transportation for locals and expats, here are some ways Limo2Go goes beyond providing traditional limo services to help the community during the pandemic.

1. Grocery, Market & Errand Transportation Services

Those living with infirm individuals or the elderly have to take special care to ensure that the more vulnerable members of our family are not unnecessarily exposed to risk. Ordinary errands like visiting the market for grocery shopping that once formed part of our day-to-day routines have to be thoughtfully planned and considered given the present circumstances. 

Limo2Go provides grocery and market transportation services in an effort to assist our fellow Singaporeans during this pandemic. Get together with your neighbours to form a rotating schedule to shop for groceries for the whole group. Besides offering a comfortable ride there and back, our spacious vehicles also provide ample room for your multiple grocery bags. Our transportation services are available 24 hours daily, so you can opt to visit the grocery store or market during off-peak hours. You can also choose to shop on behalf of your elderly parents or relatives who live separately from you and have us drive you to their doorsteps to deliver their groceries to them. 

We can also assist small businesses with their errand transportation needs.

2. 24 Hour Marine, Shipyard & Cruise Crew Shuttle Services

It can often be difficult to coordinate across different locations to ensure that all crew members arrive at the desired destination on time. Whether you need us to shuttle a group of marine crew members from the pier or require door to door drop-off services for multiple individuals, our experienced drivers provide a smooth and well-planned trip with their comprehensive knowledge of Singapore’s roads. They are especially familiar with common crew pickup and drop-off locations like airport terminals, piers and various accommodations.

We provide 24 hour, round the clock transportation services for marine, shipyard and cruise crew of all sizes, in compliance with current Covid-19 transportation rules and protocols. Our vehicles have adequate space to ferry your crew members, their luggage and other necessary equipment together for a cost-effective and efficient journey. 

3. 24 Hour Cab Services For Locals & Expats

Let our cab services bring you where you need to go with speed and safety without the need to mingle with crowds on public transport. We provide a spacious, sanitary and comfortable experience for our clients with our professional drivers and premium vehicles. Our 24 hour cab services are ready to assist you at all hours of the day or night, whether for a planned family trip to a specific location or a late-night corporate meeting. 

Our limo services also remain ever available for locals and expats arriving from overseas into Singapore. After serving the mandatory quarantine period, book a ride home in our luxurious, chauffeur driven vehicle as part of your first taste of post-quarantine freedom. 

 Book Your Transportation Service Today

Travel in safety and comfort with Limo2Go. Our friendly and professional drivers are here to help you with your transportation needs. Contact us through our online form regarding any transportation service-related inquiries you may have, and we will do our best to accommodate your situation. Alternatively, browse through our services for hire and place a booking today. Let us help you make the best of the current pandemic situation by providing a smooth and safe ride.

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